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A new, fully automatic sacking machine for Stevana in Naantali


At the beginning of the year, a fully automatic sacking machine representing the latest technology was introduced by Stevena Oy in Naantali. The Italian-made machine replaces two older machines that lacked sufficient capacity to meet increased demand for sacking services. Stevena’s employees dubbed the machine ‘Pavarotti’, which – besides the country of origin – also refers to the impressive performance of the machine.

The new sacking machine was located outside the harbour area on the premises of BT-Logistore, Stevena’s sister company. Although it can be used for sacking all kinds of bulk products, it’s being used at present mainly to sack industrial products that are packed in plastic sacks ranging in size from 5 to 40 kilos. The sacking process has also been improved with a new transport wagon in which the products to be sacked can be hauled to the sacking machine in lots of 30 tonnes. The efficiency of the new machine is demonstrated by the fact that it takes a maximum of two hours to sack a single wagon-load. The filled sacks are loaded onto pallets automatically by robot. Apart from better customer service, there has also been an obvious improvement in working conditions because of the new, up-to-date facilities and automation of the hard physical phases of the work.

Stevena is one of the few companies in Finland providing commercial sacking services. In addition to Naantali, the company also has
a sacking facility in Pori. A total of more than one thousand truck- or container-loads of bulk products packed in big or small sacks depart annually via Stevena’s sacking facilities. Thanks to the new sacking machine in Naantali, the volume of small sacks in particular will continue to increase.