Backman-Trummer Group

A terminal for Backman-Trummer in Korsholm

Vikby IMG 8294 raj cmyk
Director Bernt Björkholm explaining the building project to the participants.
Backman-Trummer has acquired a facility of more than 1000 sq. metres at Vikby in Korsholm. The former maintenance facility is located at the junction of the major highways leading west and south from Vaasa and near the future airport logistics area. During the summer and autumn the premises will undergo thorough renovation and a 1000 sq. m. extension and ten loading bays will be added to the original building. When completed, the facility will serve as a unit goods terminal for both road and air cargo traffic.

Vikby IMG 8311
Renovation and expansion of the Vikby facility began with a ground-breaking ceremony in which a large number of customers, partners and Backman-Trummer personnel took part.